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Bibicaffè – The Original

Gassosa (named also gazzosa) from “De Sarro & Torchia)


The carbonated coffee is based on the original recipe of 1941 from “De Sarro & Torchia”. The flavor is that of the past: firm, sparkling and with an intense aroma of coffee. A coffee drink with a caramel aftertaste now known all over the world. A retro drink that over the years has been an integral part of the Calabrian table; an effective "sparkling" alternative to the traditional cold or iced coffee, perfect for hot summer days and not only.

...The first carbonated coffee was distributed in 1941, under the name of Bibìcaffè, by the company De Sarro and Torchia of Lamezia Terme, and it has won awards such as the European Award Gold Mercury of 1974 and the prize Drink Come true Usa of 1994...

...The carbonated coffee was bottled in glass that contained a ball that pushed by the gas closed the neck of the bottle to prevent the gas from escaping. Working in the small factory there were besides the workers also the three sons of the inventor and two grandchildren, sons of the sisters married to De Sarro and the other with Torchia. These nephews of Vincenzo Ferrise, cousins between them, separated themselves to start their own business: which we know as De Sarro & Torchia...

Source: Wikipedia


Water, coffee infusion (12%), sugar, carbon dioxide. Food coloring: Caramel E150d

Nutritional values per 100 ml of product

Energia / Energy179 kJ / 42 kcal
Grassi di cui saturi / Fats of which saturated0 g / 0 g
Carboidrati di zuccheri / Carbohydrates of which sugars10 g / 10 g
Fibre / Fibers0 mg
Proteine / Protein0 mg
Sale / Salt0 mg
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