Lemonzosa singola


Gassosa (named also gazzosa) from “De Sarro & Torchia)


The lemon gas, born in 1941 from the "De Sarro & Torchia" in Calabria. "Lemonzosa" is a non-alcoholic carbonated drink with the taste of Calabrian lemon, based on water, sugar and citric acid. It has a crystalline appearance and a strong lemon aroma. A semi-sweet drink with lemon, slightly sparkling, the right drink for both refreshing and digestive.


Water, sugar, carbon dioxide. Acidifier: Citric acid, natural flavors. Antioxidant: L-ascorbic acid

Nutritional values per 100 ml of product

Energia / Energy110 kJ / 26 kcal
Grassi di cui saturi / Fats of which saturated0 g / 0 g
Carboidrati di zuccheri / Carbohydrates of which sugars6,5 g / 6,5 g
Proteine / Protein0 mg
Sale / Salt0 mg
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