Drink of Coffee since 1941

Relax, pop the cork, drink and enjoy the moment. We want you to discover a flavor from the past, with a very new look. We know you will recognize it, ‘cause the great things are unforgettable.
De Sarro & Torchia

A story long more than 80 years

The best stories have roots in the very long past, and Bibìcaffè is one of them. It was the 1941 when, for the first time, people of Calabria met the fresh taste of gassosa al caffè. That drink has made history.
Storia Bibicaffe
Old formula, new taste

Sweet tradition with a stronger taste

Thanks to our passion for innovation we rewrite the story of a product with a strong personality. Today Bibìcaffè has a strong identity with a new look to be discovered, and we are so proud of that.
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Bibìcaffè tastes like distant memories

We are sure that you, like us, keep in your mind memories of distant flavors. We are emotionally bound to those memories, the reason is that those memories are full with the persons we love. This is why our production is new but still retains all the old values.

The coffee drink with the best coffee

Innovation improves the story without betraying it. This is the reason why we use Caffè Toraldo for our drinks. Toraldo’s production looks carefully at the quality. Past, present and future meet themself in this fabulous production.
Logo Toraldo
Bibi Caffè
Drink Irresponsibly

Contact us to order your bottles

If you want a refreshing, restoring and tasty drink, it’s the right time to get in touch. Choose the flavor you prefer, we’ll take care of the rest. Wherever you are, we look forward to making you happy.
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