The story of Bibicaffè

Gassosa, gazzosa or gazzusella. You can give it the name you prefer, the taste will always remain the same: an unmistakable taste of coffee, fresh and super fizzy.

At the roots of taste

The history of the Bibìcaffè began in Lamezia Terme in 1941. The company "De Sarro & Torchia", over the years, has won important awards, from the European Award Gold Mercury in 1974 to the Italy Drink Come true USA in 1994.

Some, however, think that the Bibicaffè has its roots in the Vico Lametino "San Giovanni". Here, around 1900, there was a farmhouse used as a factory in which the entrepreneur Vincenzo Ferrise created the first carbonated coffee, managing to produce it industrially.

Over the years, BibiCaffè has crossed Calabria reaching Puglia, Campania, Sicily and even the United States of America.

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The good flavors run fast

BibiCaffè, over the years, has become a Calabrian pride. Although production has been interrupted for a short time, its identity has remained strong over time because when a flavor is irresistible, it is also remarkable.

We made it reborn to rewrite its history without betraying its roots, so that the taste no longer remains just a memory.

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Non-alcoholic. Fresh. Calabrese

Bibicaffè is made to stay everywhere because it is cool. It is made for anyone because it is non-alcoholic. It is made to make you feel at home because it is from Calabria and, above all, it contains a history of passion and entrepreneurship that has lasted over eighty years.

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If you are curious to know about the roots of Bibicaffè, take a look at the past. Some sources, in fact, claim that in this year was born the first carbonated coffee, in the cottage of Lametino Vincenzo Ferrise who managed to spread it over the region.

Over eighty years ago, the first coffee soda was named "Bibicaffè" by the company "De Sarro & Torchia". Since then, it has become part of the Calabrian tradition, winning international awards.

It is the year when the Bibicaffè factory closed its doors. Like all good things though, its good taste has remained in people’s hearts. No one has been able to forget her.

We never stopped to believe in our tradition. For this reason, we decided to rewrite the story. We want to give Bibìcaffè back to you. And above all, our gazzosa al caffè deserves it.

Old formula, new taste

Sweet tradition with a stronger taste

This new chapter is full of innovation and transformation. Alongside the intense coffee taste of BibiCaffè The Original and the semi-sweet taste of Lemonzosa, we have added a BibiCaffè Extreme Version: a fresh, youthful reinterpretation of coffee soda with a lemony aftertaste for discerning palates.

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